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A Little About AXE Chiropractic


Dr. Brett Stephens

Dr. Brett C. Stephens

Dr. Brett Stephens is a Board Certified Chiropractor in the state of Texas. He received his Doctorate from Parker University in Dallas, TX. Dr. Stephens focuses on total body health and wellness through maintaining a healthy spine and Nervous System.


Dr. Stephens has dedicated his life to treating musculoskeletal conditions and teaching proper biomechanics for daily function. He has an extensive background in spinal manipulation, active and passive rehabilitation, as well as other modalities to achieve the most accurate results in a non-invasive manner, restoring function, and minimizing and eliminating pain.


Dr. Stephens is experienced in treating the most serious spinal conditions. Dr. Stephens practices a hands-on and comprehensive approach to recovery from injury combined with a focus on the prevention of future injury. His expertise and caring demeanor has earned him the trust of countless residents in the DFW area as well as professional and collegiate athletes that have turned to Dr. Stephens so they can function better in their everyday lives.


Research Interest:

Shockwave Therapy



Degenerative Joint Disease

Youth Sports Injuries




Care Coordinator / Coming soon

What we do

Dr. Stephens is an expert at the management and treatment of the most serious spinal conditions. Disc injuries, disc herniation, disc bulges, disc and spinal degenerative disease, scoliosis, sciatica, and spondylolisthesis are conditions treated daily at Axe Chiropractic. Helping people to regain quality of life through safe, effective chiropractic treatment and rehabilitation is a major focus of the practice.

Other conditions treated successfully with chiropractic at Axe Chiropractic are Sports and Spine injuries, Pregnancy related pain, Tingling and Numbness, Shooting pain down the arms or legs, Headaches, Neck pain, Mid Back pain, Lower Back pain, Shoulder pain, Hip pain, Knee pain, and Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction.

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