Understanding Headaches

Millions of people in the United States suffer from headaches each year. Up to 4% of adults worldwide have a headache or migraine 15 or more days each month. Headaches are the seventh highest cause of disability in the US. Headache is the second most common illness worldwide, Migraine is third. Headaches are serious and debilitating illness. For a lot of people the current medical management is not successful or only gives temporary results. There are many causes of headaches, musculoskeletal is one of the major causes. The position or condition of the cervical (neck) bones, muscle tightness, and ligament health all can contribute to a headache. Research shows chiropractic adjustments can help decrease the duration and the frequency at which someone gets a headache.

Chiropractic care is often a good alternative treatment for headaches. The doctor must first diagnosis the underlying cause of the headache pain. The most common type of headache is from tension which can sometimes be relieved through chiropractic care.



Multidisciplinary Approach

At Axe Chiropractic we take a multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of headache. A complete examination will be performed to verify the cause of the pain. Proper diagnostic imaging may be ordered to rule out other factors. The first level of treatment will be a customized plan of Chiropractic adjustments, specific exercises and stretches. Chiropractic adjustments usually resolve the issue but if the expected results from the adjustments are not accomplished a referral to our medical doctors may be necessary to assist in the treatment. Axe Chiropractic is one of the few chiropractic offices in DFW that works hand and hand with medical doctors to properly treat and manage spinal conditions and injuries.

If you are unable to resolve reoccurring headache pain, contact us today for a consultation with Dr. Brett Stephens.

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