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Mid Back Pain or Middle Back Pain

Dr. Brett Stephens

Understanding Mid Back | Middle Back Pain

Mid or Middle back pain is a growing aliment in the current computer age. We are sitting more and more as a society. The increased use of computers, laptops, and handheld devices can promote poor posture and strain on the middle back. The middle back is also known as, thoracic spine, upper back or mid back. It is made up of 12 moveable vertebra, many muscle groups and the ribs also connect to the middle back spinal bones. Middle back pain can come from the intervertebral joints, facets, disc, ligaments, muscles and nerve roots. Chiropractic adjustments are a safe and effective treatment to most sources of middle back pain. Pain can be experienced as local pain to the area or pain can refer up or down. Pain can be deep into the joint or surface pain in the muscles. There are many presentations of middle back pain. It is important to get checked by a chiropractor for these conditions. 


Dr. Brett Stephens Approach to Mid Back Pain.

Dr. Stephens takes a unique approach to treating Mid Back Pain, along with Chiropractic, Dr. Stephens uses Softwave Therapy to treat the Mid Back. Softwave Therapy is clinically proven to decrease pain and inflammation to the treated site. This creates an environment for healing

Common causes of Mid Back Pain

Poor posture -seated, standing.

Desk and computer use

Sleeping position

Sprains or strains




Strenuous exercise

Sneezing and Coughing

Poor Lifting techniques.

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