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Softwave Therapy
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Softwave Therapy

Axe Chiropractic is proud to be the first clinic in Denton and Collin County to offer true Softwave Therapy to the community. The device is the Orthogold 100 (OW100). This device is the gold standard for research in Softwave Therapy with almost 200 published studies.

What is Softwave Therapy?

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Softwave Therapy, also known as, Shock Wave Therapy, or Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (EWST),  is a non-invasive treatment that involves the delivery of shock waves to an injured area to promote healing. This treatment produces highly effective shock waves that initiate biological regeneration processes at the cellular level.

Treatment involving technology that applies short, frequent, and high intensity bursts of mechanical energy (in the form of a shockwave) into soft-tissue that is injured, scarred, or contains adhesions, is painful, or inflamed.

Softwave Therapy is Clinically Proven to:

  • Increase blood supply

  • Decrease inflammation

  • Stimulate and activate resident stem cells

  • Repair, remodel and regenerate tissues

  • Accelerate wound healing

  • Induce an antibacterial effect

  • Reduce acute and chronic pain

Softwave Therapy Treats:

  • Lower Back Pain

  • Upper Back Pain

  • Neck Pain

  • Knee pain

  • Hip Pain

  • Foot and Leg Pain

  • Plantar Fasciitis

  • Shoulder Pain

  • Elbow Pain

  • Tendonitis

  • Jumpers Knee

and so much more

How are Softwaves/Acoustic Waves created?

The OrthoGold100, also referred to as the OW100, is a transportable device for
therapeutic acoustic wave treatment. It is comfortable in handling and operating. The
OrthoGold100 is intended for the activation of connective tissue in the upper and
lower extremities.

The OW100® generates electrohydraulic acoustic waves by discharge of high voltage(spark) at a submerged electrode. The spark promptly vaporizes the medium between the electrode tips and creates a spherical, acoustic wave. At the reflector, the acoustic wave is unfocused (OP 155).

Positioning of the reflector allows transmitting the acoustic wave onto the treatment
area at the patient. The coupling of the applicator to the treatment area is to be
carried out with the silicone membrane and ultrasound gel.

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